Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hi,My Nerf Guns

i'm only new in the nerf blogging community and id just like to say some things and warnings about me.
1. I speed type so there may be some typos (sorry):)
2.I dont have alot of nerf guns and im broke at the moment.
and my nerf guns are (drumroll please!)1.Nerf Sonic Recon 2. Nerf Maverick 3. Bandolier kit\set thing
w\ 23 streamline darts (one got shreded by a mower) and 4, 6 dart clips and 5 suction darts (one is currently misplaced) Homemades: Maverick holster (hours of sewing). Ammo bag.

So thats me nerf gun wise, my Dad is going to NZ in August and i'm getting the Barrel Break :)

P.S For those of you who think you might know me, ive got a broken arm my name starts with B and im obsesed with donkeys :)

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