This is the page that we will be showing multiple images of things like our guns and our war pics :) (If you want you can too!)
Video reviews will be on the normal review page :)

Exe-cute-or's Nerf things: 1. Sonic Recon 2.Nerf normal Maverick 3.Bag 'o Bullets 4. 4 coloured 6 dart clips 5. Bandolier belt.

Exe-cute-or's Bag 'o Bullets

Exe-cute-or's lucky Mario Shell

Exe-cute-or's primary combo

Exe-cute-or's sniper rifle combo

Exe-cute-or's night mission combo

Exe-cute-or's sprint combo

                                                         Exe-cute-or's Broken Arm

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of Nerf guns. I've never seen so many Nerf guns in one place. You must be a dedicated Nerfer to have amassed such an imposing arsenal. One day I hope I can have almost as many Nerf guns as you. Keep up the work.