Nerf Reviews

This is my review preview
These are my ways of rating the guns:
My ratings will consist of 6 parts:
1.R.O.F     5pts
2.Accuracy  5pts
3.Looks    1pt
4. Range    5pts
5.Tactical advantages\accesories   5pts
6.Cost    4pts
Total 25pts

My First Review!!!


his will be my first of many reviews on this blog not only of the “blasters” but also the accessories and refills and I’d just like to say to anyone who is reading this from the 17Th of June to the 20Thof June how much I appreciate you noticing this new blog and giving it a chance.THNXJ. Now enough with all that soppy stuff (I would say clear the way but it’s not a new gun so) If you’re looking for a customisable assault\sniper\stealth“blaster” the Recon is the way to go!!! This “Blaster” (like many others) comes in many colour schemes such as; Sonic series (the one I’ve got), Whiteout series, Original (blue and yellow, not all blaster have this), Normal and Clear.The quality does change between colours such as :the sonic recons stock is more flimsy than the normal colour.. :( Now to the rating;

1. R.O.F Now this blaster uses the clip system so it is very prone to jamming and trust me it happens quite frequently (where talking 5 every 50 shots, mind you some of my darts are defectiveL) and it can really disadvantage you in a warL. But when using good, new darts and having a fast priming hand the Recon could reach up to 1-2 shots per second.
2. Accuracy. Clip System darts are well known for inaccuracy....but the recon is surprisingly accurate.
3.Looks. The recon has an assault-rifle look and its customisable so it can have a; shotgun look,sniper look,pistol look,bulk rifle and a star wars droid gun look:)
4.Range.The recon has average to good ranges when angled:)
      5.Tactical advantages\accesories. This gun as you probably know the recon is customisable so it comes w\ a; red dot\tactical light laser attachment,a pinpoint sight (not very accurate),removable barrel w\ iron sight,removable stock (very flimsy) and the "blaster" itself.

6.Cost.The final factor and often the decider in comparisons. The recon is an average to good price from $40.00 to $20.00 on special.

Total: 23\25
Awesome gun great for wars  :)

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  1. SRRY i went up my grans and she didn't have internet so i couldn't do the review :(